Structural Integration (Rolfing) - Boulder, Colorado

Structural Integration

It may come as no surprise that your body is more at ease and functions most effectively when its structure is balanced along the vertical line of gravity. Yet we all get pulled off balance in response to injury, trauma, repetitive movements, chronic tension, emotional strain and years of “poor posture.” Structural Integration, nicknamed "Rolfing," is a holistic system of soft tissue manipulationBalancing Rocks and movement education which seeks to restore the body to its natural state of alignment and balance by reorganizing, restoring and lengthening the body's connective tissues commonly known as fascia.

Fascia surrounds, supports and penetrates all of your muscles, bones and organs throughout your body in continuous web-like layers. This fascial net is the body's internal system of support giving strength and shape to our bodies. It is meant to be fluid and flexible, but it responds to the forces that move through it by becoming short, thick, and dense thereby locking in unhealthy patterns of strain and pulling the body out of alignment. Flexibility, length, strength and ease of movement are lost.

Structural Integration works systematically and globally to release these fixations, restore ease and create deep, comprehensive order in your body by restoring the integrity of the fascial system. As your body comes into alignment the force of gravity becomes supportive rather than destructive. You notice balanced tone throughout your tissues, ease and fluidity of movement, less effort in activity and increased energy overall. You feel lighter, energized, more grounded and balanced both physcially and emotionally. Your whole being expands.

This brilliant video interviews a number of sages in the SI world to give you a better sense of the complexity and depth of the work. Check it out, I could never articulate quite so profoundly!

Click here to watch: Of Grace and Gravity